TriathlonTogether - feb 24th Repsol Sport Centre Calgary

“Welcome to TriathlonTogether 

Where you participate as a “duo” or as a “squad”

Arrive “solo” we’ll find you a crew.

Team up with friends, or show up to meet people, just take part, or race, teams finish together, 

Duo or Squad - TriathlonTogether”



150 meter swim, 3k stationary bike, 1km indoor track run

Duo’s or Squads of three

·      TriathlonTogether is a philosophy of inclusive and accessible triathlon events that promote experience over results and togetherness over individuality.

·      Events across the country are challenged to find their way to offer TriathlonTogether; realizing each market and community is different.

·      Formats, distances and courses are encouraged to embrace the TriathlonTogether concept.  Safety is the utmost priority, but some traditions can be challenged (ex. allowing floatation devices in the swim)

·      Timing is at the discretion of the race organizer based on the format adopted. 

·      Cost is not to be a barrier but value is important