Patches Badges

SUP department

Take a “Patches Badges” 🍊Intro2SUP/Intro2Kayak 🔴Intro2 SUP+/Intro to Kayak+, 🔵Intermediate or ⚫️Advanced lessons and tours with Ocean River Adventures and South Island SUP.

Patches are centred around procedures and skill acquisition, in various predicaments, used to gain proficiency and experience, for fun, and if desired, as training, to challenge for Badges, and as an excuse to just get out and explore.

Earn patches by taking lessons, participating in excursions, signing up for clinics, attending derbies, booking adventures and playing games (SUP polo anyone?).

And the Badges are just that, an actual Badge, conceptualized by wondering minds, made by a machine, detailed by hand, they align with Paddle Canada certifications indicating competency in specific circumstances relevant to SUP and Kayak instruction and facilitation, in various conditions.

Read it twice, it makes sense. Mostly.

🍊Orange Badge - intro2SUP


Thetis Lake, Elk/Beaver Lake, Durance Lake, Matherson Lake, Shawnigan Lake, Lake Cowichan. 

☐ briefing & safety procedures 

☐ PaddleSmart 

  • trip planning

  1. know the marine environment and conditions

  2. weather forecasts, wind speed and direction

  3. tide tables/currents

  4. avoid wildlife conflicts

  5. two is better than one

  6. follow your trip plan and let someone know about changes

  7. use trip planner

  • training

  1. Get the knowledge and skills you need before going out

  2. know your limit and stay within it

  3. self rescues

  4. buddy rescues

  5. navigation

  6. strokes

  7. launch and landing

  8. swimming

  9. towing

  • taking the essentials

  1. legal requirements -

☐ pdf or lifejacket, 

☐ (bailer), 

☐ whistler, 

☐ 15 meters of bouyant heaving line

  1. for short paddles,

☐ waterproof flashlight, 

☐ navigation tool (charts, maps, gps), 

☐ signal communication device, 

☐ water/food

  1. if day tripping, add -

☐ first aid kit, 

☐ emergency blanket, 

☐ food and water, 

☐ pocket knife, 

☐ extra clothing, 

☐ sun protection, 

☐ shelter, 

☐ water purification tool

☐ gear, preparation, inspection, care and distribution

  • expect to get wet

  • clothing should you warm when wet, but bot overheat you when paddling

  • dress in layers using synthetic fabric like fleece, neoprene and polypropylene

  • warm air & water - stay cool (light long-sleeved shirt), hydrated, and sun-protected

  • warm air and cold water - cold water sucks warmth even on hot days. What quick dry/wicking clothing.

  • cold air and cold water - if air and water are both cold, dress for warmth, even when wet.

  • offshore/extended paddling - wear a neoprene suit. It insulates when wet, and doesn’t get in the way of paddling.

  • drysuits are designed to prevent water entering, while wetsuits allow water in to act as an insulator. Dry suits are more suitable for use in cold water below 15c (60f) and can be uncomfortably hot in warm or hot air, and are typically more expensive.

  • pick appropriate board and paddle

  • leash

  • pfd

  • dry bag (if applicable)

☐ weather, or not (weather & environment)

  • always check the weather before you set out, and know where you can get updates

  1. Environment Canada live web reports, updates continuously, reports air temperature, uv rating, severe weather and danger alerts

  2. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports the conditions of the oceans and the atmosphere

  3. The Weather Network Weather forecasts, maps, news and videos. Donloadable app available

  4. Weather Radio Canada VHF frequencies between 162.400 and 162.550 continuously broadcasts latest observations, forecasts, and alerts.

☐ identifying conditions

  • wind

  • temperature

  • day light

  • identifying hazards

  • rocks

  • boat traffic

  • wake

☐ centred stance 

  • a breath considered determines energy fluctuation

  • posture posture posture

  • posted paddler

☐ basic strokes 

  • forward

  • sweep

  • draw

  • brake

☐ light turbulence

☐ light wind

☐ steering navigation

☐ bracing

  • paddle out of water, headed to water

☐ surrender to the fall

  • a breath considered

  • two hands on paddle

  • paddle parley

  • lay back

☐ remounting

☐ temperature and effort management

  • cold immersion - 1 minute of cold shock - 10 minutes of meaningful movement - 1hr before unconsciousness

  • hypothermia occurs when the body loses heat faster than it can produce it. If the boys core temperature drops too low, it will become a life threatening situation. Avoiding hypothermia is far easier than treatment and recovery. Prevention is first line of defence.

  • eat frequently to ensure a constant supply of fuel

  • hydrate - drink plenty of water. Cold air removes moisture quickly from the ski. Drink before you feel thirsty.

  • stay dry - dress in layers to avoid sweating. Wear appropriate fabrics that remove moisture.

  • avoid excessive heat loss - cold requires your body to burn extra calories in an effort to warm itself back up.

☐ dress for paddling success

  • sunscreen

  • hat

  • uv sunglasses + strap

  • wind/water jacket

  • shirtshortspants all shed/wick water

  • water shoes/boots

  • life jacket and leash

☐ Velcro and Towing

☐ respect and preserve wilderness

  1. plan ahead and prepare

  • know area regulations & concerns.

  • avoid heavy use times.

  • do not mark with rocks, cairns, flagging or paint unless in an emergency, or as an act of art…

  1. travel and camp on durable surfaces

  • use established campsites, rock, gravel, dry grasses, snow.

  1. dispose of waste properly

  • pack out all trash, food & toilet paper and hygiene products.

  • use minimal amounts of biodegradable soap.

  • strain dish/wash water

  1. leave what you find

  • look but dont touch - leave rocks, plants and other objects as found.

  • do not transport non-native species

  1. minimize campfire impacts

  • use a stove for cooking and candles for light

  • where permitted, use existing fire pits/pans for small fires.

  • only use ground fall wood

  • put out completely - burn to cool ash and scatter

  1. respect wildlife

  • observe from a distance, do not approach or feed.

  • control pets and pick up after them at all times or leave them at home.

  1. be considerate of other vistors

  • avoid loud voices/noises

  • let natural sounds prevail


☐ group management

  1. handling an emergency

  • stop

  • think

  • observe

  • plan


“learn on land. Be safe on water”

🔴Red Badge - intro to SUP+

(including saltwater)

Inner Harbour, Esquimalt Harbour, Gorge Inlet, Gonzales Beach, Oak Bay Marina, Cordova Bay, Cadboro Bay, Sidney Marina, Brentwood Bay.

☐ briefing & safety procedures

☐ personal dry bag

☐ weather, or not

☐ identifying conditions

☐ identifying hazards

☐ ocean paddling 

  • counter steer

  • walk the board

  • velcro

  • skate

  • slide

  • ferry

  • cross draw

☐ shifting tides

☐ currents

☐ swell

☐ mixed texture

☐ pivot turns

☐ Red Dragon Blue Whale

☐ group management

🔵Blue Badge - intermediate SUP, ocean. 

McNeil beach, Little Trial island, Clover point, Chain inlet, Canoe Cove, Southern Gulf Islands, Jail Break lite.

☐ trip planning

  • charts

  • compass

  • murray tables

  • current atlas

☐ briefing & safety procedures

☐ personal gear bag+

☐ radio

☐ weather management

  • forecasting

☐ weather, or not

☐ intermediate paddling

  • riding swell

  • churning and swirling

  • washing machines

  • ninja moves

☐ lead velcro and towing

☐ distance paddle

☐ Red Dragon Blue Whale (captain)

☐ logistics 

⚫️Black Badge - advanced paddling 

Jail Break, Clover Point with swell, Big Trial Island, Chatham island, Discovery Island, Sooke, Port Renfrew, Active pass, Northern Gulf Islands, Broughton Archipelago, Tofino inside passage, Tofino Surf and ocean swell.

☐ advanced trip planning

☐ briefing & safety procedures

☐ gear management

☐ PaddleCanada certifications

  • flat water

  • touring level one

  • touring level two

  • river

  • surf

☐ paddling technique instructor

☐ standard first aid

☐ wilderness first aid

☐ course instruction mentorship

☐ overnights

☐ waivers, and such

☐ advanced logistics

White Badge - instructor trainer

☐ briefing & safety procedures

☐ gear management

☐ PaddleCanada certifications

  • instructor

  • river

  • surf

☐ standard first aid

☐ wilderness first aid

☐ course instruction mentorship

☐ expeditions

☐ advanced logistics management

☐ risk analysis