Random run on sentences and musings from Japan #1

Day 1/14

It’s funny, you land and there's all the anticipation around arrival with customs and immigration, long hallways with walk-a-laters leading to lineups and endless forms, you hurry up and wait, and you finally get out of security and some fresh air, and it’s really just the same, it’s an airport, full of concrete, and ads, and currency exchanges, and some hustle and bustle, and then you’re waiting for a shuttle, and it’s the typical airport scene, pick ups and drop offs, and horns, and taxi's, and people trying to find a place to smoke, and then the shuttle arrives, and you all file on, and there’s nuances but it’s still pretty much the same, and you do a lap of the terminal, which is huge, and grey, and full of security cameras, and gates, and traffic lights, and you do the full circuit, and then you’re on a highway, that looks like any other high way, and you go a few kms, drop off some passengers at the first hotel, and eventually arrive at the hotel, which is fairly big, and dated, but nice, and you check in, and go to your room, with two beds and a cot for dad, and a view of the airport, which again is massive, and you’re hungry so you go back down to the convience mart, and the variety is a little overwhelming, and intriguing and there are items you struggle to be paid to even try, let alone know what it is, so you grab some familiars, and one kid grabs a strawberry crepe with whip cream wrapped in plastic, and the other a moji and we buy a couple vitamin C shots, because surely they're good for us, and a bag of chips, because who can resist corrugated chips, and we wonder through the lobby and you’re not allowed to eat anywhere, so we go outside and find this funny courtyard between a non disscript church and a tennis/soccer court, and we find some plastic chairs, so we can sit in the sun and get some fresh air, and eat our crepes and chips and because it’s the offseason the court yard ornaments, the fountain and random features are all dormant and we just sat and did nothing, and talked about the time change, and how we’ve been up for hours, and we’re eating chip and crepes in the middle of the night but it’s really just late in the afternoon, and we go back to the room, and get our internet fix and try to stay awake for dinner, where we have dim sum and caeesar salad, which is super random, but tastes good, and pretty quickly we’re back in our room, and fading fast, and now it’s 3am, and im awake, and it’s poetic that after all the anticipation of arrival, a dad and daughers trip to the land of the rising sun, the highlight so far, has been a crepe and a vitamin c shot in an empty courtyard beside a church and a highway.

There's no where else I'd rather be.

Tomorrow it's onwards to Osaka, and sumo wrestling.