PRESSIO | PRESSIO | Sustainable Performance
Our mission is to provide truly world-leading, revolutionary performance sportswear built upon an uncompromised ethical and sustainable approach.


From our genesis, we set out to preserve the earth for future generations by being the most sustainable sportswear company in existence. Our unwavering passion for a more sustainable future has only grown.

Every garment we have ever created has been crafted with the most sustainable materials and technologies, including recycled yarns, non-dying & biodegradation. Complete with traceability. No exceptions.

To do this while creating genuinely world-leading products in performance is our mission. Advancing technical performance attributes in a way that has never been seen before. We engineer every one of our fabrics, meticulously selecting the finest filaments & yarns and collaborating with the best minds in the industry.

We are uncompromising in our pursuit; every day, we long to push the boundaries and take new strides ahead.

Designed to perform. Designed to preserve.

Jamie Hunt & Andy Nicholson